Text Message Hall of Fame

I received a text message from a girlfriend on Saturday night. It read:

What time is babes open til?

12:14 AM 13-NOV-05

For those of you unsure of what “Babes” means click here. (Landing page is safe for work. But other pages might note be.)

Edited to add: If you can’t get in, it’s just a link to Toys in Babeland. They specialize in sex toys and other fun stuff. (Very tasteful store, I might add. When I visited the one downtown, I didn’t feel an overwhelming need to visit the nearest confessional.)


  1. Site comes up as on our blocked list.


  2. I love that store. And you never feel creeped out going in there. :-)


  3. Well, my IT colleagues here at the world’s leading maker of infant and preschool toys will certainly get a kick out of my web proxy logs today. If asked, I can say I thought it was a new competitor. They could even use our tagline “Play, laugh, grow!”


  4. Oh boy, Charlie, I’m sorry. I guess I should be more careful. Thing is, I really don’t find that site particularly “crude”. Although, I guess it is about sex and things that vibrate. Ah well. NExt time, I will think twice and give a better warning.


  5. Oh, don’t worry. You gave me enough warning! No need to apologize or censor yourself! If anyone is going to come after me because of my browsing habits, then I probably have bigger problems at work.


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