The Mountain Goats: Take 3

These two mountain goats songs need a little work. But I don’t have time to fiddle with Sound Studio today.

The first one is an oldie but a goodie. And I love the way he sings/says “Shut Up.” The second one is quiet (and you can hear a group of nimrods to our right talking about Long Island Iced Teas. Yay.) and it’s about his Portland friends who were/are junkies. I have been told he, too, once was.

I find his comedic outlook on looking at the negative events making up his past inspiring. Not everyone survives that sort of history and still manages to laugh about it.

click here to download.

Enjoy! (They’re both together so it’s 8.3 mgs or something.)

To hear more click here and here. And then thank me. ;]


  1. P.S. Anyone out there know which songs were used in Weeds? I remember them coming on but I am not sure which ones. I guess I can easily look this up, eh? hehe


  2. Wasn’t everyone in Portland a junkie at one point? That is my impression at least…


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