Death Cab For Cutie

First of all, saying the words “Death Cab For Cutie” to any one who hasn’t ever heard of them before is kind of weird.

What the hell does that mean? Where did they come up with that? Who’s Cutie?

I’m not entirely sure. But, wait, have you ever heard of The Postal Service?

You mean the folks who bring me my mail?

Granted, I like the reactions I receive from saying “Death Cab for Cutie” better than the reactions I get after saying the words “My Morning Jacket.” And considering I saw both bands two days apart and have mentioned their names to coworkers and friends, both reactions are fresh in memory.

My morning who? What’s a Morning Jacket?

But I digress. Last night, Toby Joe and I went and saw Death Cab for Cutie at Hammerstien Ballroom now known as the Manhattan Center Studios. I should know this, how? I know this because the woman from 411 corrected me two times last night when I called them for their number. Apparently, “Information


  1. wooooooohooooooo – it takes too much time for me to email, but I was gonna today if you didn’t turn comments on

    you’ll always be superior to me – never fear – because the indie music I do not know, unless it’s Texas Country. I’m a dork.


  2. Death Cab for Cutie – funny I was pondering that not long ago and my conclusion was that it was about a serial killer cab driver who picks up his victims. My mind just works that way – Mike says that each band member picked a word and they put them all togther. I like mine better…


  3. I’m digging these guys too. I haven’t gotten the hang of Indie yet (don’t hate), but these guys are great.

    Glad you had fun!


  4. a morning jacket is a style of suit jacket that dashing british men wore at that wedding i was at in cornwall back in may.


  5. If the jacket is black and someone wears it to a funeral, I guess that could be called a Mourning Jacket. Oh my god, I am going to start a MMJ cover band.


  6. When Nick Harmer(Bassist for Death Cab For Cutie was asked where the name came from, this was his reply…

    Ben actually chose the band name and he came across it in a movie called The Magical Mystery Tour that The Beatles made, but they didn’t write the song or own the song “Death Cab for Cutie”. Actually, the song is in the movie, there is this random part where John and Paul go into this sort of lounge, sort of tent, sort of cabaret thing and there’s a guy singing a song called “Death Cab for Cutie” and Ben says, “That sounds pretty funny, let’s go ahead and pick that.”

    found here…


  7. That damned postal service CD. I hate it, I love it, it makes my baby fall asleep and have pleasant dreams.


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