A Month of Visitors

Tonight, both Nico and George are coming into the city to see Antony and The Johnsons at Carnegie Hall. I’m going to try and see it with them, if there are tickets still available AND I can leave work in time to get there. I have two phone interviews scheduled for tonight so we’ll see. I might have to skip this adventure. Either way, I get to hang out with them and stomp around the wet city tomorrow as I took the day off. We’re going to have lunch here and who knows what else will happen.

Tomorrow night, Toby Joe and I are going to see the Moscow Cats Theater at the TRIBECA Performing Arts Center. I read a review of it yesterday that had me laughing. Here’s my favorite part:

But some of their routines go nowhere, and the Act I finale, in which two clowns dressed as giant elephants murder the main clown (for reasons I cannot fathom) is not just bizarre, it’s deeply disturbing.

I hate clowns. They frighten me. But I love cats. Which is why I purchased these tickets.

Right after we’re finished watching a bunch of Russian cats do weird shit, my Dearest, Soung, arrives. And I think there’s some billiard time scheduled. I’m sure Toby Joe could use it after the week he’s had.

In a few weeks from now, Mike and Dee arrive all the way from San Francisco. This will be their first time in the city. I can hardly wait. (If either of them read this, hopefully, they will send me a link to their latest and greatest Web site.)

Last weekend, I finally got to see Miss Mia. This weekend, Soung, Nico AND George. I love friends.


  1. i’m so afraid of performances in general, clowns, anything. i’m always thinking about what’s going on in the person’s/animal’s head while they’re running through their routine.

    but the cat thing, that sounds strangely fascinating. best i ever did was teach a cat to meerkat (only if i held a treat up) oh well.

    and honeypie, friends love you too. xo


  2. I am a little worried about the being called on stage thing. I might not be able to keep my hands off them there felines.


  3. Woohoo! NY here we come! I’d send you a link to our latest and greatest site, but alas it’s still in development. We do have some great stuff in progress though. We can’t wait to see you and Toady, er Toby. (ask Toby about Camel Toads)


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