Kurt Vonnegut, Here I Come!

A little over a month ago, I watched a bit on The Daily Show where Jon Stewart compared Lake George (the devastation seen in New Orleans) to Bill’s Monica Lewinsky. Not two seconds into the bit, my phone was ringing. I wrote about it. The following day, I tried to get an Anti-Bush T-Shirt through the doors of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. I stuffed three shirts into a box and had a local NYC messenger PROMISE me he’d, at the very least, get the shirt to the front door. He did so. He even called me from outside. I didn’t expect anything to happen. And nothing has. But that’s OK. It was fun and the event broke up the monotony of my day.

On Friday evening, I got home and I had an email from Gina. Here is her email:

You need to send Kurt Vonnegut a Bush impeachment t-shirt immediately. He is on Public Television’s program NOW discussing his opposition to the war in Iraq and the general irresponsibility of the Bush administration and its politics and just finished making the statement that President George Bush should be impeached and the only thing left he has to do is have oral sex in the Oval office in order to be impeached or some such thing. This calls for a t-shirt!

I laughed.

It’s now Sunday. I just received another email from Gina. This one included his publisher’s address and a message filled with encouragement.

Tomorrow, I am sending Kurt Vonnegut’s publisher three Bush T-Shirts featuring Monica Lewinsky sucking the tip of Bush’s Pinocchio nose.

P.S. I have been keeping a running tally of how much these shirts have cost me. I think I am going to add a counter to the sidebar.


  1. woohoo!!!! I guess Jon missed out! Here’s hoping Kurt buys in!


  2. I think the only person missing out is my bank account. ;] just kidding. It’s fun.
    P.S. I spoke with Hilda yesterday. She’s the greatest. I want to adopt your entire family, Nessa.


  3. Kurt Vonnegurt is a wonderfully twisted man – I’ve read everything he’s ever written


  4. Does this mean i need to get a life?


  5. Oh, please don’t go and do something like that. I happen to like your life.
    I’m not sure where I’m going with this one.


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