Pavlov Cries Wolf.

I played a lot of soccer as a kid. I was actually pretty damn good at it, too. Sure, I couldn’t jump rope, dance, cheerlead (although I tried), do backbends, splits, or dress up very well. But I could play a mean game of soccer, softball, and basketball. Even though I usually played right wing in soccer, I was well aware we were nothing without a good defense.

Last night, after they announced New York City as the target of a possible terrorist attack, I couldn’t help but think that it seems every time Bush gives a speech about the war and terrorism the media and the government then attempts to scare the living piss out of the American public. What better way to take one’s mind off of something than to send a wave of paranoia over them thereby diverting their attention? I learned this tactic back in grade school.

I’m trying really hard to take the recent threat alert in New York City seriously. I really am. But I’m starting to wonder if this is a new experiment introduced by modern day Pavlov.

If this threat is indeed to be taken seriously this time. I am more than sorry for writing at all. But when Channel Four news and the New York Times and CNN all admit to having the knowledge of a possible attack on the New York Subway system two days PRIOR the actual announcement and it happens to fall on the same day Bush gives a speech on protecting American from Islamic Fundamentalists, I can’t help but put on my skepticals.

Say it’s nothing. Isn’t this dangerous? What if a credible lead does eventually come to light and they make an announcement. Won’t it be hard to take it seriously each and every time?

Bush announced yesterday that since 9/11 the administration has thwarted numerous terrorists plots. When? Where? Why haven’t I seen this? I saw a pretty severe, terrorist offense back in 2001. And I have seen Bush talk and talk about what he’s doing, using a lot of words to describe what the administration is doing to protect America, but I haven’t seen it firsthand. In fact, the news about our stopping terrorist plots (one, of which, was apparently to take down the Brooklyn Bridge) was something I hadn’t heard much about before yesterday. Now, I know I’m not reading every rag and newspaper published, but I would like to think I’d have at least got wind of said defense. Does having a good defense mean hiding said defense when dealing in politics?

I feel a little duped. I feel a little like I’m being fooled into buying into something I have no choice but to purchase. I feel insulted. I feel enraged. I don’t feel very protected. Most of all, I feel like I’m part of an experiment.

Show me your defense, President Bush. Because if you want me to buy into your offense over and over again, I need to believe you’ve got a good defense. Because I’m tired of being frightened by you.


  1. are you really frightened of bush michelle?


  2. A little bit, to be honest. I have to admit. I’m more afraid of the fact that after all these years you actually spelled my name incorrectly. HOW DARE YOU! ;]


  3. oopps my nervous tick!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve actually written probably 5 responses to this and erased them all except the one above


  4. I do that all the time. It’s an Internet thing. :]
    I fear the fact that they seem to be vindictive. I fear those who are vengeful. I also fear those who are driven by faith, especially those who are in power.


  5. 2001, we were asleep at the wheel no doubt about that. but now, we’re trying to survive in it’s wake. unfortunately, we have fallen back into the old routine of day to day life and what happened is just a bad dream. damned if you do damned if you don’t is the phrase of the day. i’d rather hear about the warning because people seem to put too much faith in our government to protect us. we can gather info like crazy but we have to let people die before we can arrest. it has to be frustrating for those in power, but that’s how us americans like it! innocent until proven guilty, unless you’re a politician, and that’s the way us americans like it. people of faith don’t scare me, people without respect scare me. especially the ones in power.


  6. Oh believe me, I want(ed) to know. But why did the White House ask NYC officials to hold off on reporting the news until yesterday? Was it a coincidence that it was announced RIGHT after Bush spoke? That’s my main question. They must know what people are saying, especially their critics. they must know a lot of folks believe that they are using these announcements as deterrents from what is currently going on, as a way to distract the public. Whether it’s on purpose or not, they know what folks are saying and therefore why did they ask NYC officials to hold off until the day of Bush’s speech? Why?
    If they are really really truly out to protect us, I think they should keep the public’s interest at the forefront and their agenda second. It appears to me, at least this time around, their agenda was addressed first.

    We’ll see.

    And I don’t fear those of faith I fear those who live by their religion. Especially those put in power.


  7. Convenient for Bloomberg, too, that there was a mayoral debate last night—a debate in which he declined participation. Nobody would want that to be the story of the day… though it would likely be preferable to the quotes if he HAD shown up.

    “If they are really really truly out to protect us, I think they should keep the public’s interest at the forefront and their agenda second.”

    I think the trick they pull is to convince themselves that their agendas are the best thing for the public.


  8. i was unawares of the hold back of info……….who knows once again possibly screwed either way. some with believe it if he says so as the others won’t. send out a message of danger and then have a politician come out and speak up about how they’re saving the world or have a politician come out saying they’re saving the world and then back it up with a warning. it’s screwed up however you look at it! but nomatter what there will be some who just don’t believe it because of circumstances and not the facts. these days there are polar facts. i just don’t trust those bastards on either side of the isle! we want them to protect us but they aren’t allowed to protect us. it’s a shame and it’s a beautiful thing at the same time. can’t win


  9. This morning, the woman who always hooks me up with my coffee started on about the Subway searches and she made me laugh. She said, “Dude, they must think we’re fucking stupid searching Grand Central and Penn Station. They don’t think some motherfucking hate monger can get on in Brooklyn? That’s just dumb.”
    Number of cops at Graham Avenue today? 0


  10. Now that I’m further removed from this post, I wish I hadn’t written it. But it’s there and I have deleted things all too often.


  11. Jimmy Johnson says that defenses win championchips..I was thinking the exact same thing, but more towards the fact that it seemed pretty convinient that there was a terrorist scare while 3 prominent Republicans are in trouble.


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