In the Meantime…

I am still collecting stories for the “A Dollar for your Thougths: The Big Easy” project. I realize it went a little sour (derailed, whatever) after someone said something negative about New Orleans, but I want to leave this up for as long as humanly possible in hopes of receiving more stories. If you’re afraid to leave comments, please email me instead.

Internet, don’t make me break up with you, write a story. It’s really easy, hence the name.

Edited to add: A very, very good friend of mine informed me of something tonight that I hadn’t realized. He said that I might receive more stories if I remove the part about donating a dollar. He said, with respect, that it felt a bit weird having someone tell him where to put his dollar. And I have to say, while the idea had never occurred to me, I have to agree. That being said, I am just asking for stories. Forget the dollar donation, I just want your stories. So, if you have them, share them. Sometimes I kick myself for not thinking things through. This has proven to be one of those times.

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