The Upside to Being Told No, You Can’t Have a Pet

I didn’t have animals growing up. I used to temporarily steal the neighbors’ animals, but I never had one of my own. I was the neighborhood cat watcher and a damn good one as I not only fed the furry beasts but I petted them as I was deprived of such a pleasure all of my life.

When I got older I started adopting cats. Schmitty adopted me when I was 19, Pookum came into my life when I was 22 and Tucker the Fucker arrived two years ago.

Meet Schmitty.

He’s a Big Guy. He’s also all of the following: Fatty Poopington, Chubs Mahone, Chubs McKensey, Professor Snugglesworth, and Fatty McPherson. Scmitty is the biggest most lovable cat there is. And I really mean that. He’s a sweetheart and I love him like he’s a person. Actually, I love him more than I like most people.

Yesterday, my boss called out as she had to put her 18-year-old cat to sleep last night and wanted to spend as much time as possible with her before doing so.

Last night, when I got home I grabbed the Big Guy and snugged with him like I’ve never snugged with him before. Then, I moved on to Tucker and then Pookum. Tucker was all, “Yo bitch, why you doin’ this to me?” And Pookum just talked a lot. Schmitty ate the attention up.

Not only was I deprived of all the snuggling, I was also deprived of putting them to sleep. I guess there is an upside to never getting attached to these fuzzy beasts as you never ever have to say goodbye.

Edited to add:

Kitty pictures!!!

Here is a video of Pookum. Pookum Gets Her Cute On

Meet Tucker.

More Tucker.

Schmitty, Pookum and Toby Joe.


  1. Chubs Mahone is GORGEOUS! Look at those green, green eyes. Man, I want to snug him up, too!
    Saying goodbye is so, so, hard, but all that snugging and the love we get from animals is worth it. The cat I had growing up was my best friend in the world…I loved her more than any human being I knew then. She never judged me, never hurt me, always loved me. sniff


  2. You nailed it Sarah. Schmitty has always been there for me. :] I adore him even when he pees in the corner because the litterbox is full.


  3. I do believe this post needs more kitty photos. : ) I like the professor snugglesworth name. a.lot.


  4. He’s a big pretty man. I hope you never have to deal with that, Mihow. You are a good kitty Mama.


  5. glad to see the beast is still kickin it!


  6. Ooooh! Thanks for the update with more pics. and video!
    I have noticed that male white cats with black spots or grey spots are extremely vocal…as in, never shutting the hell up. Why is that? Has anyone else noticed this?
    Pookum looks just like my friend’s cat Vincent, who also meows constantly. Another cat, Dylan, with grey spots…again with the constant meowing.


  7. the photo of toby joe reminds me of a group on flickr i saw called “indie boys and cats”


  8. Pookum is part miniature cow.


  9. OK then – who the hell was that orange critter that lived with us for all those years? CAT! How soon we forget. From Raleigh to Jersey to State College.


  10. PS Schmitty is my cat. Toby catnapped him.


  11. You kinda took her on, no? She didn’t warm up to us until you finally let her live inside. :] Cat was the softest cat in the world. Sweet, too.


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