Rhode Island and NYC

Here are more images from Rhode Island. These are boring “landscape” images because Toby Joe mixed my film in with his and he won’t let me take them to my developer because he only trusts C-Lab. That being said, the rest of my images won’t see the light of day until he takes all the rolls to the beloved C-Lab. But there will be more. In the meantime… (click to enlarge)

The window into our house.

The farm next door. The farmer guy had a MASSIVE pig named Valentine. It must have weighed over 400 pounds. (Toby has a picture). It ate 15 loaves of bread twice a day. Pig.

Tractor on the farm.

Nico, standing tall with Faith. This was our walk to the beach.

Toby Joe

A lure.


Country wires.

Chicken coop.

Antique store. Check out the rooster.


For some reason, the private beach got a lot of wash up trash. This was one of the items.

Our private beach.

Another wash-up.

A farm ain’t a farm without a broken old truck.

New York City.


An open house at Kenneth Cole. They served wine and everything. I did not attend. I tried and they threw me out for wearing brown and black^

Cops on horseback.

Grand Central this AM.


  1. oh my gosh – that’s a beanie baby isn’t it?


  2. It’s a chicken with a mohawk.


  3. i love the picture titled “handle”……..it looks a little spooky! very nice


  4. Aw, Megan. You made my day.


  5. who’s the tart walking my dog? What is going on there???


  6. I have outlined the rooster in red. Or did you mean “rooster” as in it’s some other type of squaky bird and I messed up its name? I get roosters, chickens and turkeys and cocks confused. Oh, and hens. Why do these birds need so many names?


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