Flow Question

Does it annoy you that this site features the latest posts at the bottom? I am only now realizing that every other site out there features the latest posts at the top. The reason I have it laid out in an opposite manner is because back in the day was meant to represent my day from beginning to end. I began with a “To Begin with..” then there was “Later That Day”, then “Another Thing” and finally, “In Retrospect.” Each day began with a new series.

Now, I realize that since the sections are no longer visible it might not make sense any longer. Not that it ever did.

Anyway, just wondering. Answer, if you’d like.


  1. I just realized those headers (“To Begin With”, et. al.) were no longer there. I liked them.


  2. Hmmm well, they are still there for me. When I start a new post, I choose, but they are turned off for the viewers as I was worried they would/might interfere with the headlines. Maybe I can work them back in. Hmmmmm


  3. It used to bother me. But now I read your site via RSS feed, so I don’t actually visit (unless I’m going to comment) your site. :-)


  4. bottom is fine, personally, i think everyone else is doing it wrong! : ) i get confused easily and it’s more natural for me to read from upper left to lower right….don’t change, i won’t know what to do , things that were up will be down, cats and dogs……etc………you know the story hehehehe


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