I have a stupid question. Lately, I have been following the BTK case. I read his testimony yesterday and then read today’s article about what the victims’ families had to say. Obviously, this man is beyond twisted. But what I can’t seem to find, is what stopped him in 1991? Did he find God? Did he get bored? What the hell? Also, how is it they couldn’t catch him since there were eyewitnesses and a survivor?

I am sure I can find this somewhere but I’m lazy.


  1. I think he had a very close call and almost got caught.


  2. …and then that Law & Order episode came out based on him & he really bunkered down


  3. Speaking for my home state, the general popluation doesn’t generally consider men of faith anything other than “good men”. If you’re involved in the church, that’s an immmediate removal from the list of murder suspects because there’s just no way murderers like BTK could possibly go to church. BTK must’ve really liked going to church since he took one of his victims there. The cops in KS generally just stick with the usual easy to blame crowds – minoritites, homeless, and people who wear black a lot. It is a ridiculous situation. I’m glad he’ll be spending the rest of his life behind bars and frankly, if this wasn’t a great example for capital punishment – I don’t know what is. It’s a shame other callous criminals can’t just face up there crimes like this creep.


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