Actually, I’m Really Asking

Why would it be that iced coffee cost 88 cents more than regular, hot coffee? I just had a discussion with a cashier regarding my having purchased iced coffee and she charging me more for it.

Iced is more? 88 cents more? That’s entirely arbitrary.

That’s the way we do it here.

So what you’re saying is, next time I come in, if I order hot it will be 88 cents cheaper and I can then return to my office and ice it myself?

Yes, that’s right.

I’m not saying I would do this because, well, I’m a lazy bitch. But come on, now. What’s up with that?


  1. Iced coffee, if done right, should be more expensive because it takes more beans. ‘Done Right’ means a cold brew extraction, but there are like 3 places in NY that do that. So I think you’re being fucked with.

    I keep making an extra batch of cold brew coffee for you and toby, but I never see you two. So I end up drinking it all myself. There’s an extra carafe in the fridge from yesterday’s batch though…


  2. They’re saving up to buy the “d” that goes at the end of their “ice” in “ice cofee”


  3. Dude, it’s because ice…it is expensive. Duh!


  4. I once stopped in for a drink before a performance at Rose Hall (Lincoln Center/Time Warner Center) for a drink at Bar Masa. I was in the mood for swank, and swank it was. The ice in my Maker’s on the rocks (or rock, as it were) was a hand-carved ball, about the size of a tennis ball. Surely that explains the stupid $14 price on the drink.


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