Department of Not So Bad

I just got back from the DMV where I got my New York license plates and registration completed for my 1975 Volvo. At first, the mission seemed impossible. I got there at around 8 AM and the line was already around the corner and half way down 34th Street. Like this:

Only I didn’t realize there was a line at first. I took the N/R up to 34th and got out and casually rounded the corner. I broke through and walked next to a wall of grumpy people. Apparently, I didn’t give it much thought as to WHY these people were standing in a single file line at 8 AM. Instead, I moved south along Broadway in search of the DMV. I reached the door of the building and then realized the the trail of people crumbs was actually the line I was to be in. I walked back, holding my head down in shame.

Before I had realized the error, 20 smarter people had cut in front of me. I was pushed even further back.

By the time the DMV opened at 8:30 AM, the line looked more like this:

And I began to pity the poor fools at the end.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the experience did not take long. It looked much much worse than it actually was. Had I had my paperwork properly filled out, I would have been in and then out in about 45 minutes. (That includes the time I spent waiting outside before the place opened). Since I didn’t have my paperwork filled out properly, it took me an hour. I was at work in time and everything.

Tonight, we’re going for a drive. I can’t hardly wait.


  1. Congrats on surviving the DMV…that can be a real hell sometimes!

    Looking forward to hearing about your drive and also belated congrats on your 15 minutes of fame!!


  2. Congrats on the drive!


  3. ya gunna give your new wheels a name? whatcha name him? her?!? come up with a name!


  4. I will have to spend some time with it first. But I always name my appliances/cars/computers. So not to worry!


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