Bachelor Parties

Does the groom-to-be have sex (oral or whatever) while at their bachelor party? I think I have asked this question before. I can’t remember. I’m curious nonetheless. Is that the idea?

I think brides-to-be just get shitfaced and puke. They might end up naked and covered in grass stains, but other than that, I don’t think there’s a lot of copulating that goes one. I don’t know. I haven’t been to either.

Just wondering.


  1. Yes. With the best man.


  2. I didn’t and any party I attended (as in your cousin’s) never went that far.


  3. I’ve never heard of any grooms-to-be getting busy at their bachelor parties. The might feel up a stripper (which still isn’t cool in my book), but I don’t think getting laid is the idea.

    Although, I’m sure there are sume fuck-tards who do. These are probably the same guys who nail the maid of honor in the coat closet at their wedding receptions.


  4. I think its the idea for good television.

    But I also think its a giant sign that person shouldn’t be getting married.


  5. the bachelorette parties around here are way worse than the average bachelor party. well, at least the stories i’ve heard from my girlfriend are pretty racey. i wish i could’ve been to a few!!!!!


  6. Sherri – that’s why she’s the maid of “on her.”

    I’ve only been to one bachelor party that had strippers. And I left as soon as the lap dances began. Ewww.


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