Bush T-Shirt: Take 57

Well, the files went to print. I ordered half large, half medium white tees and half medium half large women’s tanks. The printer is superb. She’s been wonderful. I look forward to working with her on my next t-shirt which will feature an ugly, red-headed, buck-toothed blogger who can’t afford a new retainer to replace the one she lost. Anyway, I won’t mention the woman’s name or the printer here (to protect the innoscent) but I want to share with you all what she wrote regarding the illustration. Especially since, you just never know whose toes you might step on and who might then refuse service.

Not a problem, I am just ordering the shirts now. I will order as noted below. I will also provide you with a paper or virtual proof to show you size of the logo on the shirts before the order is run. Once the proof is approved, I will then request a credit card for the deposit.

Thank you for the order. By the way, I love the illustration , because I profoundly dislike our president.

Finally, after 3 long years, I am going to print these bitches. Car wax rags for everyone!

But I have to say, my parents and siblings aren’t too happy with me right now. (Please, forgive me. I’m a capitalistic graphic designer at heart.)

(EDITED TO ADD: THIS IS A JOKE! I promise. My parents are superb and love me no matter what I do. Really.)


  1. I want a shirt SPECIFICALLY so I can wear it when I go to OH for the holidays and such because it will annoy the hell out of my uber-Republican mom & step-dad. They might even make me sleep outside, but it will be worth it for the inevitable looks on their faces. Hee.


  2. You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family.
    Your family shouldn’t be displeased with you. I mean, if they are, they shouldn’t show it. I mean, you don’t make jokes or remarks about them—so why should you apologize for anything? You’re just being you.


  3. Actually, that was an absolute joke. My parents are perhaps the most wonderful parents there are. And I really mean that. Friends, at times, are jealous of them entirely. They really are fabulous. I was kidding. I should have made that more clear as my mother called me to say that she’d never ever be mad at any of her kids. That needs to be understood. I love them dearly and they love me. Now, my brothers on the other hand….



  4. only sorta related, but swa this and thought of your shirt … anyway, here’s your BJ scandal! :P

    click me (SFW)


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