Another Question

All along, I have been saying that I thought the above image was stronger without the text. However, many folks disagreed in the beginning and said that I needed it (or something like it). I still think less is more and that people should have to think every once and a while, but I am curious, had you seen the image without the text, would you “get it”?

I am just not sure anymore about anything. Ever.

(how is that for dramatic?)


  1. 9 times out of 10 I’m for no dialogue. But I think this shirt is just a shade too high concept to go without. I like making people think too, but in this case there’s a fine line between thinking and thinking for a few minutes before they get it.

    Also, I dig the way you used “impeachable” and the way that one word ties everything together.

    HOWEVER, you could reduce the words and find a more concise way to say it. Even “Impeachable” and a question mark might get the job done.


  2. i agree with mojo on the wording. the image is very comical to me, but the wording is sort of confrontational. like as suggested “impeachable?” or like “impeachable, yet?”..or something….not enough caffine today


  3. I like neither the font of the wording, nor the font of

    what if the font were slightly different.. its somehow off… i can’t place it though

    and what if the were in some sort of handwritten or script style font, to make it more signed ?


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