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I put this post up on Friday evening. And judging by the email I got many folks had no idea what I was referring to. While Toby Joe and a commenter by the name of SSS explained it, I wish to elaborate.

On Friday right after work, Toby and I FINALLY saw Me and You and Everyone We know at the IFC in the West Villiage. This movie is absolutely wonderful. As soon as you get the chance to see it, do so. Miranda July, a first-time director, tells a most original and touching story. She’s also the movie’s lead, Christine Jesperson. Both of the boys are unbearably cute, but Brandon Ratcliff steals the show. I don’t know what to say, really. It’s a great film and if you don’t enjoy it, clearly you must lack a soul.

I left with the t-shirt (which is shown here.) It’s huge, but I think after enough washes it might just fit. And if you hadn’t already noticed with the above link, Miranda July keeps a blog. And from time to time, Brandon writes.

Check it out. And soon. Forever.


  1. I’m so glad it wasn’t that I was just an idiot. I was quite worried, but that movie was only JUST released to the general public so I can keep my dignity in tact. Phew!

    So I’m looking at the blog, then the website for the movie thinking, “I really want to see this, this looks excellent,” when all of a sudden my friend (who lives in Brooklyn, by the way) IM’s me and says, “So have you heard of this movie Me and You and Everyone We Know?”
    Spoooooky! She’s seeing it tonight on a date.


  2. You could never be considered an idiot, Sarah. That is spooky. She’ll adore it, I’m certain. It really is quite wonderful.


  3. Sarah, you’re definetely not an idiot. Like you said, the movie was just released to the public and only in certain cities have people been able to go see it. I just happened to be in Boston over the holiday and it was playing there. It won’t even be here in Detroit until July 15th. So glad I got to see it already though. It was sooooo good. I just love Miranda July. I have some of her audio work on vinyl and there are samples on her website.


  4. I almost saw that last night… instead I saw Mysterious Skin.

    I need to see a happy movie next. A VERY happy movie.


  5. I’d say this movie is a happy movie. You’ll laugh. Hard. I can assure you of that. Yes, this one will cheer ya up, buckaroo.


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