(Photos taken using my Pentax K 1000. 400 speed NPS. Images can be clicked on to enlarge. Descriptions are below each image.)

Ha Ly at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Andy and Meredith behind her.

Downtown Brooklyn. Where the trains begin. Shortly after taking this shot, we were asked to leave.

Same shot, vertical.

Another shot of Brooklyn. The tower at BAM.

Bedford Avenue mural. A guy is painting a new mural. I have more of these and I will most likely add them in a few.

A candle outside My Moon in Brooklyn.

A lame “art-shot”. Photography 101. Or something.

Gerry at a cafe listening to Toby Joe.

McCarren park.

My little brother in Epcot.

My sweet Toby Joe.

These dudes were shooting an art film. I asked if I could shoot them. They humored me.

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  1. Toby Joe kind of looks like Bjork in that image.


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