Last weekend, we went to Coney Island with Nico and George to “see” the Mermaid Parade and eat really fattening food and ride the Wonder Wheel. I took some pictures. Most of the pictures I took using my film camera and wouldn’t you know, but I haven’t been developed yet. Soon. Soon. Featured here are some of the digital images. Enjoy! (Click on each thumbnail to enlarge image.)

Some dude on the boardwalk.

When did nipples become the ultimate taboo? I don’t get this. We were watching some makeover show recently and they showed a woman’s breasts but blurred ONLY the nipple. So weird.

This ride was SO FUN to watch and these kids were SO FREAKING cute. They were gleefully smiling the entire time. It was awesome.

Here we are on the Wonder Wheel. I have to say, I had a blast. I must go again when it’s not unbarably crowded. That’s me, in the bikini. (Kidding!)

Our view from the top. Look at all those people peeing and pooping all over the Eastern seaboard and swimming in trash infested waters. Awwwww

Yum. Cheese Fries from Nathan’s. Toby and I shared regular fries. I haven’t had anything potato or deep friend in over a month and a half. And boy was it good going down. And boy did I feel like total shit when it was over.

Here is Nico mid chew.

The infamous Cyclone. Here, it was so crowded it took us about 10 minutes to walk 5 feet. And a fight broke out, too. Some peurto rican girl threatened to cut a woman as she dug her finger into the women’s face. Twas not pleasant. They were right behind Nico and I and at first, before we turned around, we thought she was screaming “I WILL CUT YOU!! I WILL CUT YOU!!” at George or Toby Joe. Rest assured, it was directed toward an old lady instead. Those damn old ladies are always acting up. Good times.

My hair cut. Though, it just looks like a big rat’s nest (as my mother might say.) Oh well. I did ask for messy after all.

Apparently, I like to take pictures of myself in a bathroom. Say it with me: Rat’s Nest. Also, I think Sherri should give me a free eyebrow pluck. She’s good at it. She has proof.


  1. One photo reminds me of San Francisco – only it would be tough to run in that mermaid outfit. It would be great once they got to the bay though.


  2. Cute haircut! And my, what big eyes you have!!

    Love the pics…that parade looks like a lot of fun.


  3. funny…… don’t look japanese! ; )


  4. I’m japanese on the inside.


  5. You are ADORABLE woman. Don’t talk bad about my Mihow.

    Mermaid Boobies!!


  6. Mihow – You look FABULOUS!

    SF had plenty of crazy naked people last weekend during the Pride parade and celebration. Hot muscled gay guys sure are nice to look at. There were enough girls in boyshorts and thongs to even it out. Tutus and boyshorts are the new thing!


  7. There wasn’t really any nudity on Coney Island. And we missed the pride parade. :/ Well, walked through it on our way home, carrying our Whole Foods bags after just having left Batman like a good couple of capitalists. At that same moment we got into a fight with some guy who was littering. He kept tossing the paper towels he was using to soak up his sweat onto the street. So we’re really not sure if there were naked people. I wonder if there were any naked people? Hmmmmm…


  8. NYC is nowhere near as nudity-friendly as SF. Not by a mile.


  9. I hate to say it, but thank goodness. There are only so many people I’d like to see naked.


  10. I brought my nicely framed and mounted Tunick photo to work today to show some people. Over 1500 naked buffalonians. woop!


  11. I’m perfectly happy that NYC is not so nudity-friendly. Yipes!

    I’ve never plucked anyone else’s brows before. I’m not so sure my coordination (or lack thereof) warrants me going anywhere near someone’s eyeholes with a sharp object. :-P But if you’re willing to be a gjinea pig…


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