Here’s the Deal

I’m sick again. It’s the fourth time this year. I always thought I had a strong immune system. I am finding that’s a load of crap.

Tonight, Toby Joe and I were to begin taking pottery classes at the Mudpit I, however, feel like I spent two days at the rear of an old diesel truck, sucking on its exhaust pipe. Naked. In the snow. Uphill. That said, after a year off, I will have to postpone my first day back as a potter. I’ll stop by and let them know I’m not flakey. I’ll meet everyone and find out what wheel I’m on. But I just can’t stay conscious for too much longer.

Tomorrow, I’m off to the doctor to find out what on earth is wrong with me. We still don’t have insurance. I am paying out-of-pocket. That pretty much sums up how badly I feel.

Finally, I’m annoyed with myself lately. (Again.) All I want to do is be cynical and spit like a pack mule, or are camels the spitters? Either way.

I don’t care.

Right now, it’s 5:30 and I’m killing time until I have to meet the husband at the ass end of the L Train.

Right now, the ass end of everything is where I belong.


  1. Here’s to your tapid recovery!


  2. And rapid recovery as well.


  3. Feel better soon and spit all you want in the meantime.


  4. hope you feel better, soon!

    and to be honest, the fact that there are people that actually have no insurance still freaks me out. this is SO not possible in germany…..


  5. Kim, I know. It’s really unbelievable, isn’t it? I know a lot of people without insurance right now. It’s really sad. But we’ll have it soon. In fact, we’re BOTH going to sign on using BOTH jobs. :]


  6. I hope you feel better soon!

    BTW – I love SPD today…especially baby Evan, how cute.


  7. I had a summmer like that not to long ago. I had these recurring bouts with strep, and sinus crap. Turns out I had tonsillitis. After several months of urgent care nightmares, I finally got into see an ENT. 3 weeks later I’m in the worst pain of my life from having those nasty bitches carved out. It was all worth it!!! No more sickie!



  8. greenie, you nailed what my problem is. I’ll write about it in a few. It’s a long (and boring) story. BUT TOO BAD! THE INTERNET WILL LISTEN! :]


  9. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather again, mihow. Hope you’re feeling better soon, hon.


  10. camels spit and llamas do to. foul beasts both.
    feel better and don’t forget to use your sick leave!


  11. Spit all you want, just feel better soon!

    No insurance is a fucking nightmare. :(

    Hang in there, girl.


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