I wrote about Disney’s Mission: Space ride a few days after Toby Joe and I got back from Florida. I may have even rambled on about it in person to a few unlucky listeners. It really is an amazing ride – scary and nauseating – but amazing nonetheless.

On Monday, a four year old boy passed out on board and later died. I can think of nothing more tragic for a family than to have a child die while visiting Walt Disney World.

What I can’t understand is how any parent would let a 4-year old onto that ride. Those signs are daunting enough to thwart a grown adult. Those signs alone are enough to make a person barf. But there were many kids on it while we were there. And each time we were a little surprised. Believe me when I say, the ride is pretty scary. I can’t imagine being 4 and putting up with it.

I’m not blaming the parents for their son’s death, but I really don’t believe I would let my four-year-old son or daughter on that ride. Shit, I wouldn’t even let Toby Joe ride it and he’s a grown man.

Either way, it’s truly a tragedy and I’m willing to make a bet that ride doesn’t last. I’m also assuming Disney will lose a pretty penny.

This story gave me the chills. This is so sad. (Thanks, Charlie for passing it on.)

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