After three long years of practically vomiting over my search strings, June is looking cleaner. (I wouldn’t go as far as to say “clean” entirely, but cleaner nonetheless.) I won’t talk about what I used to get for fear of attracting them all over again. And some of these disturb me still. Ah well.

  • mihow
  • retainer
  • retards
  • naked waitress
  • self suck
  • allergic to alcohol
  • ashton kucher
  • danceadelphia
  • excema
  • loreal plaza
  • love girls
  • super nipples
  • buck teeth
  • girl with buck teeth
  • i want to tell everybody about this cheater.
  • kansas rest area
  • lil red terror
  • loadxml
  • mihow missy
  • naked people

Just for fun, I searched some of these using as well. Weirdness, I tell you. Weirdness. You’re all crazy.


  1. I want to know the story behind super nipples.


  2. What would a super nipple mean to you, Missy?


  3. What? No painful rectal itch?


  4. someone already owns damn!


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