Pictures from the weekend

This weekend we wandered around and enjoyed the great weather. We saw art and sat in the park. And we met two new wonderful people. I took some pictures. They are below. Enjoy!

(You may click on each thumbnail to enlarge.)

I watched this little boy have his face painted. (Images are shown in reverse.)

Central Park. A little boy has his face painted.

I love the little girl’s reaction behind him. She looks green with envy. Perhaps she went next.

A woman has her portrait done in Central Park.

We went to the Whitney to see the final day of the Hawkinson exhibit. Which was absolutely amazing. I think Anna summed it up well when she said, “I love that everything here, no matter how small, holds an element of surprise.”

She’s right. His sculpture really makes you feel included somehow. Truly amazing. All I was able to capture from the event were the banners that hung outside the Whitney. When I tried to take a picture inside, I was quickly scolded by a guard. Oops! :]

Anna, Gerry and Toby Joe on a rock in Central Park.

Gerry and Liz outside at Union Pool.

Anna. (You can tell here, but that dog only has three legs. He’s missing his front, left leg entirely. But he got around just fine! He also hated cameras. Every time Toby and I pulled ours out, he’d freak out and start barking. Weird.)

Evolution of a laugh.

Liz and Anna laughing.

Alex and behind him another woman named Anna who befriended us moments later.

Missy and Anna outside Union Pool.


  1. hi Michelle,
    thanks for your comment on my site, love your pics, and what a great job you have done on self portrait day. keep up the good work.


  2. Hey Mihow…your friend Alex looks ALOT like Augusten Burroughs…the guy who wrote Running w/ Scissors. Okay now I have to get back to procrastinating…


  3. yes! I can totally see that. Interesting…. I will pass that on. :]


  4. You guys are hot. I wish I could pull off a sweater like Anna’s, but I fear I would be on nipple patrol all day. Damn it.

    We need more pics of beautiful Mihow too. Are all you New York guys and gals this yummy?


  5. Amanda B. I will do it just for you. I need to show off my new shades anyway. (I GOT SUNGLASSES! THEY’RE HUGE!)

    If I wore that sweater, I’d look like a gal one might see on an episode of Cops. Anna wears that so well. I am green with envy. :]


  6. That Alex is one Fine piece of Arse!!! Wouldn’t mind tearing off a little bit of that!


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