In celebration of my new full time job, I give you….

my 10 year old student work!

I was going through some closet junk recently and I discovered some slides that were taken of my student work from Penn State. (ha!) Wow. That’s all I have to say about that. Enjoy the weirdness! The impracticalness! The non explanation!

Soap for women. (Apparently dismembered women)

Magazine spread for “World of Dreams” (Title given my the professor in Italian. ha!) I can’t seem to find the other spread—you know, the one that explains it all.

Self-promotional piece. This one really calls for an explanation. But I don’t have the time.

And last, but not least, the UGLIEST candy store shopping bag ever conceived and created. yay!


  1. i absolutely LOVE the self-promational piece. and i’d like to hear the explanation! and how you ended up celebrating last night…


  2. That’s some weird shit. ;-)

    And I’m late, but CONGRATS on being hired!


  3. The person would receive the entire black box. It read: “You’ve heard of the bad seed…” and then the person would open it (hopefully) and it would read “Well, this is a good seed.” On the flower petal paper. Under the burlap and inside the pete moss planter (spray painted black) is one “Forget Me Not” flower seed and some soil to be planted. And the booklet featured a bunch of bad puns like “Works and grows well with lots of light.” etc. Yeah. I thought people would keep it on their desk and remember to hire me.


  4. i remember that stuff! i haven’t seen gina in forever! i miss her



  5. Hi greg. Me too. :[ Not sure where she is now. New Haven?


  6. last i heard, her and rob designed and built a house? maybe???


  7. holy shit! I bet that’s amazing. I wish I had her email/phone/addy.


  8. nice stuff…kinky..
    what were you into in your college days?


  9. hahahahhahahahha





  10. I heard mihow was into libertarianism


  11. I love the dismembered naked women.
    Oh my! Did I just say that out loud?

    Ummm, gee, I am REALLY NOT A WEIRDO.


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