Greenwich Village

On Friday, I spent 3 hours in Greenwich Village (the lower West side). I didn’t capture anything too exciting and there is still another roll to develop but here is what I have thus far. I would like to point out one thing, the black and white images are a perfect example of what happens if you agitate too much while developing. They are really high in contrast, plus, the negatives themselves are super flimsy. If you develop negatives at home, don’t do that.

Anyway, enjoy The Village!

I shot two rolls of film using my Pentax K1000. The color film is Fuji NPS (160) and the black and white is TMAX (400). I had the color negatives developed and later scanned them in using our new Konica Minolta 5400 II Negative Scanner. I developed the black and white negatives in our bathroom and scanned them as well. All of the images can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail. (Captions, if any, are below each image.)

The world famous Bleeker Bobs Records. (I think this record store has been in movies as well as a Seinfeld episode.)

Abandoned hotel on the West Side Highway.

Bleeker and Grove street signage. (See what I mean about the contrast?)

This woman was SO pissed that I took this picture. Oops.

West Fourth Street subway stop. (Near the park).


Greenwich Village even has its own McDonald’s.

At the park watching people play basketball.

Again with the contrast. Holy crap.

Jekyil and Hyde’s (Been here once and it was before I lived here. I think that’s pretty typical. Not sure.)

Overlooking Jersey City. (I have to admit, I had no idea Christopher Street touched the river. I learned something. heh)

A building on Christopher Street.

Looking up into The Village from the West Side Highway.

There are a lot of sex shops in The Village, too. I am not really sure why but they seem to have clientele as they are all still in business.


  1. I think the “Hotel” picture is my favorite. You should really spend some time in New Orleans taking pictures. You’d love it!

    Wait, I’m a dumbass, you HAVE spent time in New Orleans taking pictures. Duuuuh. Sorry.


  2. I actually really like the extreme contrast on the picture with the street signs, I think it looks like its right out of a 50’s style Slueth film.

    Seriously though, you are incredible gifted.


  3. What do you do with your chemicals after you develop? I’d like to do some stuff at home but I’m not sure how to dispose of the chemicals.


  4. lauren – down the sink they go! not ideal, but ya know…


  5. yeah, we pollute. but I was thinking about this last night when I couldn’t sleep, I can’t imagine the chemicals for developing black and white film being any more toxic than the ones we use to clean the bathroom. Who knows. I hear color developing is much more extreme.


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