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The roll of film posted below was shot as a test roll. I needed to make sure my camera still worked as the last roll of color film I had developed had some weird gradient coming in off the side of each print. (As seen in the image below.)

Toby insisted that I shoot a test roll just to make sure that my camera was still in working order. And it appears that the gradient was some sort of accident on the developing side. That makes me happy because I still can’t seem to part with my Pentax. This is the same camera I have used since I was 15. It got me through numerous photography classes and the PSU Design Program which was sort of like a three-year bootcamp. Photographics kicked my ass. Pretty much everything that is now done in Photoshop in under two minutes (laying out type, dodging, burning, etc) we did in the darkroom using Kodilith, a stat camera and film. That course was a butt-kicker indeed. I have grown very attached to my camera.

Anyway, here are some of the images from the test roll. (I hope they show up!)

(Captions, if any, are below each picture. All images may be enlarged by clicking on them.)

A couple at the Corner Market on Graham Avenue in Brooklyn.

Cement boy and his cement frog.

“Will be back Frankfurter Man. Jim.”

Toby Joe’s nose. Kate’s Joint.

Kate’s Joint, sans meter.

No Hope in Dope.

First Avenue Subway platform.

Schmitty and Tucker sleeping.

Bench Bondage on Graham Avenue. Why anyone might want to steal this bench is beyond me.

Cement boys fishing for wind-blown trash bags or BQE dirt.

Washi Hawt.

Kate’s Joint. Yum.


  1. Aww Schmitty. I love all of the restaurant shots without food. Where is the food, yo?



    Good point, Lana. Weird. I know that at this point, there was definitely food in my belly.


  3. what’s the link to your foto page? I might have an assignment [paid? hell yes!] for you…


  4. Donald, I have been slacking pretty hard-core on that site. But it’s can be found here.


  5. Your world, seen through your eye=fabulous.


  6. that would be eyes, dammit.


  7. Don’t you worry, little lady. I screw shit up constantly. That’s nothing. :]


  8. ooooo I finally get to see your cats.


    The rest of the photos are really interesting too. I like the frankfurter ‘will be back’ sign the best though.

    The corner market pic feels almost european to me. Funny that it is in NYC.


  9. Oh, you had the Unturkey Club didn’t you? Did you have it on Rye? Pumpernickel? With fries? With mashed potatoes? Was it delicious? Tell me all about it!
    I must get to NYC this year. It’s been about 10 mos. since my last UTC.

    Fantastic photos. I wanted to pick a favourite but couldn’t…


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