mihow dot com’s third birthday

This morning, I woke up with a story to tell. But before I started to write, I checked my email. Charlie had written to say happy birthday to mihow.com. I had totally forgotten it was this site’s third birthday.

Happy Birthday, mihow.com. May you one day figure out why it is you haven’t yet been killed. Truthfully, I should have planned better for this. I should have made Internet cupcakes or something.

Either way, the first post I ever made can be found here. That page is literally falling apart. But the words are still there. I am pretty sure that the form is long dead and forgotten. And most of those links are gone, too.

I really have no idea what I’ve written that’s worth mentioning. All I know is I’ve done my fair share of rambling over the years. I would have liked to have chosen one favorite post or one I hated the most, but there is just too much gibberish to sort through. Truthfully, I am not sure what people enjoyed reading while visiting, or what they want to read for that matter. I don’t know what was fun, happy, sad, made people mad (well, that might be easy to figure out based on the email I have received and the comments that were left but who wants to be negative?) All that said, I have decided to put up some random posters that were created over the years. You know, sort of like those ridiculous montages they do at award ceremonies only not nearly as interesting and it’s not an award.

Without further ado, I give you, the internet, some old crap. (Comments, if any, are written ABOVE each image.)


This was made for a girl who was having trouble with inter-office coffee politics and the fact that people were drinking hers all the time.

I have no idea where this image came from or why.

And apparently I had the idea of starting a line of mihow-drunk-smiley-face clothing.

Yeah, I’m going to hell for this one. This one was created after Nico said a friend of hers liked asian chicks because “their pubic hair is soft like rabbit fur.” or something.

No clue. Poor Andrea. Can you find it in my heart to forgive me?

An instructional someone drew for my dearest friend, Soung while we were slaving away on the Democrats’ campaign. You can read about that here.

I made this poster for a reason long forgotten. Yeah. Lesbians and soccer. No idea. But man did I receive a few nasty emails. I’m like, dude, I was gay in college! CHILL OUT.

This image was created because I can’t stand scones and I called everyone who likes them communists.

And that everyone should eat muffins instead of scones.

Man, apparently I really didn’t like scones.

Created for Nico. I have no recollection of the story behind this one. But ain’t she cute?

Made for Essl because I think he said something about peeing on someone’s head. And he likes Mr. T. Like, a lot.

This is me with Anne Heche. (See? I told you I was gay in that Anne Heche way, of course.)

This was made for Missy who said her water tasted bad one day.

Holy crap, I have wasted a lot of your time over the years.


  1. I love those posters.


  2. Is it wrong that I love your first sentence of your first post?

    “Snot has invaded my head.”

    It just cracked me up.

    Happy Birthday to mihow.com! Your writing goes from incredibly funny to poignant to sad and back to funny. I hope you continue writing for a long time. I know your readers appreciate it. :)


  3. I nominate “Ipod got run over be a treadmill” as best post ever.


  4. That was a really sad day. And then it turned happy because Toby got me a new iPod. He’s kind like that.


  5. I hear Anne Heche is a nutbag, glad you made it out of there in one piece.

    Hoppy B-day, yo.


  6. I hope everyone knows that my head is actually covering up Barbara Walter’s body.
    Though, I’d hit it.


  7. what if you made one of anne heche making out with anne coulter?


  8. You’d hit Bawbwa Wawa’s body?

    Most of your blog seems aimed at your close friends, so if I posted I’d feel like I’m intruding. But’s it’s a lot of fun to read, and you a nice person.


  9. Oh dear, no. Not Barbara, Anne. Yeesh. You can comment whenever you want to. I’m not sure who/what it’s geared towards. Interesting point.


  10. lesbians just don’t know how to act around balls.
    comedy gold, mihow.


  11. Anyone who makes a poster with Mr. T on it is on my cool list forever. Happy Birthday Mihow.com!


  12. happy birthday, etc


  13. Those posters RULE!

    Where can I buy the drunken smiling mihow bra?


  14. Can you imagine actually wearing my head across your chest? Good lord. A surefire way to turn the men and ladies off instantly.
    Sherri, you had me at “redhead”. (Not sure what I’m saying anymore.)


  15. I forgot about that little penis dude! Did you used to have a pic from Jacob’s Ladder up at the top, too? Cause that one scared me a little.

    Happy Birthday, Mihow.com!


  16. Those are awesome! Happy blog birthday.


  17. I love your posters. I had to look over my shoulder to make sure no one was around for a few… but still, provided me with a smile.

    Happy belated blog birthday. :-)


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