I’m tired.

I feel blah today. I feel blah because I was up late working on SPD and I kept Toby up, too. I feel even more awful because I totally didn’t add someone who was supposed to be added and instead pulled someone from the database thinking he didn’t respond in time.

While I have apologized to him, personally, I wanted to tell him publicly that I am sorry as well. Saadiq, I’m sorry. Next week, you’ll be first. Run along, now. Go visit Saadiq.

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  1. Wow, man. I was looking through my site stats and saw that someone had linked from this domain. I’m very amused to realize that it was a public apology. You REALLY don’t need to worry about this. I completely understand how it could happen. You’re trying to do something very nice for the public and we appreciate it. Keep up the good work. ;-)


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