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First of all, I’d like to thank a number of individuals who sent Toby and me feedback regarding the SPD site. (We’ve even already made changes because of it!)

For example, we now have a link beneath each photograph on the site as it wasn’t fair to assume that folks knew to click on the images to launch into the new site. Now, there is a link that reads “Visit my site” so it’s perfectly clear.

We have received a number of comments asking for a “target=_ blank” request. Toby Joe still feels that this isn’t a good idea. I’m still open to suggestions. Do folks LIKE it when their sites open a new browser window? Or would you rather it open in the same window? Let us know if you care at all.

Also, we are still trying to work out how many and how often. We have a number of new sign ups after yesterday’s launch. Which is really exciting, but I need to figure out if we should up the number of times the site updates. I am wary of upping the number of people, I already think that 21 is a bit much considering, for some, you could toast a bagel, smother it with cream cheese, eat it and poop it out in the time it takes for the page to load. I’m still not sure what we’re going to do about this.

That’s all for now. Sometimes, it helps if I spell it out on here. I’m “taking notes out loud”, if you will.


  1. “target=_ blank” won’t grace the pages of SPD. That’s some outdated nonsense.
    [a href=”link.html” onclick=”‘link.html’, ‘Link’, ’’); return false;”] is how we handle stuff ‘round here.


  2. I don’t like it when sites open a new browser window. I know how to operate my browser(s)—if I want a new window or tab or whatever, I should be expected to know how to make it happen.


  3. TJ and his perfection.
    Thanks Katie. This is the sort of thing we need to hear. :]


  4. I’m with katie. I pop stuff into new windows all the time, but I guess I have control issues, ‘cause I don’t like it when it’s done for me.

    ps: tobyjoe’s a rockstar.


  5. Mihow and TJ, the SPD site is totally whacked (in the best way)—by that, I mean it is VERY cool. I heart (and envy from afar) your web prowess.

    I checked it out and love the little curliquies above and below the pictures.
    I like the way the info (answered questions) are laid out on the site.
    The design is bitchin.

    I’m so in awe of it, the only thing I have to suggest NOT doing the target blank (or TJ’s version of it). Instead, perhaps add a comment about “if you want this to open in a new window…”. Or not. Just a thought.

    I’m with calvo, I’d rather have the option of opening the sites in a new window if I desire.

    I’m a complete control freak. ;)


  6. is there a way to open a new tab? ive been wondering about that lately.


  7. C’mon Toby “target=_ blank” will save you 1.5k vs [a href=”link.html” onclick=”‘link.html’, ‘Link’, ’’) Jeesh! Michele is already worried about load time and people on modems will have to wait even longer for your excessive coding :) (insert sarcasmark here)

    Seriously though, I suggest to open off-site links in new windows because if I’m going to look at one person’s site, I probably won’t stop there. If I start surfing around in that persons’s site then I either have to hit the back button 15 times or type the URL again to get back where I started. I’d recommend an icon though to show that it’s opening in a new window which is usually two offset squares with an arrow pointing from the bottom to the top. That’s my 2 cents.


  8. I love geek.
    ‘m with you, Dee. But like I said, I’m flexible. I generally enjoy over-using Command W which sort of sucks if the site opens in the same window. Then ya gotta start all over again. And I’m lazy.


  9. I don’t really care how other people’s sites open same window, different window, whatevah.

    The thing I wanted to comment on is the load time. It pops right up for me. No problems loading. But maybe I’m just connection rich and don’t know it?

    The one thing I was thinking about is that the actual questions aren’t listed anywhere. After reading a few answers, I can figure out the question. But if the questions get more complex, I think you might want to have the actual questions up at the top somewhere. (or are they already somewhere and I’m missing them?)

    That’s the only thing I’d add.

    ‘Cause it really does look incredible. And I think that 21 once a week is probably about right. Unless you dropped it to 9 or 12, twice a week. But I think that might become more of a job and less of a fun thing for you to deal with.

    The only reason I think less pictures more frequently might be better is that for me, 21 is a bit overwhelming in a way. I tend to just pick out 1 or 2 new sites to go visit on the day the pictures go up. I have the best of intentions about coming back on subsequent days to check out other blogs and visit a couple a day, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    I suspect that most people visit the site on the day the pictures go up and may not return during the week. But maybe you have stats data to show differently?

    Just thinking. :-)


  10. You see? It’s things like that we overlook. Duh about the questions. How did we not list them anywhere? I know they are on the register/submit form, but some folks don’t do that. So those folks wouldn’t know. I will fix that problem, thank you, Danielle. And the rest of your information is well-put as well. Too bad I have to work at the bar today, I would totally sit down and think about all of this a bit more. Later, I will.


  11. So, you are going to the bar at 9:33 am on a Saturday? making lots of mimosas and bloody marys? Oh wait, I bet you get to do the fresh squeezed orange juice from the free range, I mean organic, oranges, right? :-)

    okay, well, I try to be funny. I can’t always succeed, now can I?

    And from your “Mental and Temper post the other day”, I was wondering if it is more of a restaurant than a bar or if you are just learning multiple jobs during your intial training period.

    puzzled, I am.

    I’m glad my comment was helpful. I was worried that the tone might’ve come out wrong.


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