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This weekend, Toby and I went shopping for a much needed desk and a much needed entertainment center. Today, we are without both, but that’s fine because it was beautiful out and we got a lot of exercise. Here are a few images from our weekend.

(Apparently, this sign really has seen a lot of action.)

One of my “not looking through the viewfinder shots” (Ahhhh, those were the old mihow.com days.)

The scariest window display ever. If this doesn’t totally scream “I Do Not.” then I know nothing.

Urant Supplies, indeed.

On Houston, just before Broadway.

After wandering around for hours looking for affordable, non-shaky desks, we met Jon and Lindsay at Dumont for dinner.

Lately, I’ve playing with the manual/RAW setting on my camera. Of course a shutter that remains open for nearly a second will capture an image such as this one.

And this one:

But there they are anyway. Ahhhh, nothing like two really yellow shots.

Later that night, we headed to Daddy’s on Graham avenue and met up with some other friends. Many of us had January birthdays, so we gathered together to celebrate. Here are two images taken right before someone nearly kicked my ass for the flash-usage. :]

Tonight, we’re finally going to see Fat Pig. I ordered the tickets over a month ago and nearly forgot about it. I’m sure I’ll ramble on tomorrow about how good it is. And wouldn’t you know, but the lead is on our friend, Anna’s, roller-derby team. (Which I nearly joined and later chickened out. Maybe next year.)


  1. Uuugh…I need a bloody mary or a gun or something…

    How was the play?


  2. BSmith, I fear you might still be drunk. :] We haven’t seen it yet. Tonight is the night. :] You’re funny. I think some hair of the dog might help ya, sir.


  3. Do you think I would be fired if I go to the afternoon staff meeting smelling of bourbon? (to the powers that be who are probably tracking this…just kidding. Just ate some food and I feel better…


  4. The good thing is, BSmith. I don’t think you’re alone today. I can pretty much guarantee that at least a 1/3 of the eastern seaboard is hungover today. So, by all mean, smell of bourbon.


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