The Blizzard of 2005

For Christmas this year, Melissa and my brother got us a gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma. I love Williams-Sonoma. Every year, they make hundreds of dollars off of me. Last year, I got Toby four Henckel knives. This year, we got my parents a Waffle Iron. For Toby’s birthday this year I got him an All-Clad slow cooker. One might say we’re hot for appliances.

For weeks now we have had this gift-card burning a hole in our pocket. On Saturday, during the blizzard, we did what any New Yorker might do during a blizzard; we went shopping in Chelsea.

(click images to enlarge.)

(Toby standing outside the liquor store waiting for me to finish up the picture-taking already.)

(Shovel-man and balloon-man.)

About a week ago, I made whole wheat ravioli which I hand-rolled with a rolling-pin. While the quest was rewarding and the pasta was pretty tasty, they were way too thick and my arms hurt. But here they are, uncooked.

On Saturday, we introduced another appliance into our household: The Imperia Pasta Machine.

We also purchased some hand-towels, some pie pans, and a new colander but nothing is more exciting than The Imperia Pasta Machine. After we finished up at Williams-Sonoma, we stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond and purchased a few other necessities. Shopping is always fun. It’s even more fun during a blizzard when people are running around confused and cold and wet. And it’s even better when the wind is wreaking havoc on your face, armed with thousands of pieces of ice that feel like cold needles when they hit you. Regardless of the wind, the snow, the grumpy people and the ice, we managed to have fun and spend money. And the stores were relatively empty for a Saturday night.

Here are some more images I took as we were stumbling home.

(TobyJoe going downstairs to the L Train.)

Once home, we stayed there until Sunday morning. Missy was visiting, so we ordered Thai food and sat around and watched T.V. The snow fell throughout the night, leaving New York City beneath a blanket of snow 15 – 18 inches deep. And I loved every minute of it.

Here is a photo I took while walking to have brunch at Lola’s on Sunday morning.

This weekend was great. And for the past three days, I have received my NYT.

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