Fat Pig

In February, Toby and I have tickets to see Neil Labute’s new creation, Fat Pig. I promised myself that this time around, while living in New York, I’d take advantage of what this city has to offer. Which is why I also signed us up to see The Daily Show (which is booked solid until June) and David Letterman in February. One cannot live in New York and not see David Letterman once, right?

I’m excited about Fat Pig. Everyone loves a Lebute play. Generally speaking, the stories are rather disturbing. Yet they manage to come off as oddly comedic through all the tragedy. Except for In the Company of Men, which can drive a clean nun to shower.

I was also excited to learn that Keri Russell (aka Felicity) has a part. I have always liked Keri Russell even after she got her hair cut and shocked the nation.

Between late night television, off-broadway plays, work, the launch of a new version of mihow.com, and Time Warner Cable, I should keep myself busy for the next six months.

(Now, if only Missy would write me today and remind me what the name of the other play I wanted to see was called.)

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