I met Gina through Gerry. So it’s nice they have a names which come close to one another, alphabetically, makes for a nice lead-in. And they are both architects, too. I met her at Enid’s one night. I think it was cold out but I can’t remember. We were both living in New York at the time. We were both Greenpoint dwellers. We both rode the G train to and from work everyday. I liked her instantly.

Gina is the most genuine person I have ever met. Gina looks like Zooey Deschanel. Only she’s better, because she’s Gina. Gina listens better than any other girlfriend I have ever had. Sometimes, I imagine that she might listen too well and people begin to see her as one BIG ear – like, all the time. I know I have been guilty of this.

It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that Gina has more friends than any other person I have ever met. She knows people from all over the world. You just sort of always want to be around her. I’ve contemplated moving to Detroit numerous times. I’m that serious about it.

When I met Toby, Gina was one of the first people I wanted him to meet. She’s the friend who comes to mind when you’re wondering things like, “Who will make me look better than I probably am?” I was insistent that he meet Gina. And that time couldn’t come soon enough. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited about a girl who can operate a table saw, a jig-saw, a nail-gun, a welding (shit, I don’t even know the names of this crap). Who wouldn’t want to show off a girl who purchased a boat in the middle of Detroit and who found an attraction for an abandoned warehouse whose walls are comprised entirely of hundreds and hundreds of windows. Some, of which, are broken.

Gina called me yesterday and we FINALLY were able catch up using this invention known as a phone – an invention I have grown afraid of for some reason. And instantly, (just like it’s always been) I wanted to be sitting across from her. Gina is that person you want to see happy all the time. I think, in part, because she makes me happy all the time. Knowing she’s out there and I am a part of her circle of friends is most rewarding.

Detroit is the luckiest city on earth.

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