I met Donald in Downward Facing Dog. Sort of. I first noticed Donald practicing at the best yoga studio on the Eastern seaboard: 18th and Yoga. But I was too afraid to go up to him then. Instead, I waited until we were all out playing pool one night and I noticed him from across the bar. I normally don’t do this sort of thing. But there was something very approachable about Donnie.

Do you frequent 18th and Yoga?

And almost instantly we became friends.

(Here he is with Missy.)

Donald makes me laugh almost every time I am near him. He has made me laugh reading an email. And if Donald enjoyed the company of ladies, and I wasn’t happily married, I would have begged him for a date.

Let’s see. He plays a mean game of pool. He likes yoga. He has great knack for choosing careers AND hobbies. He drinks good booze and eats good foods. He dresses well, looks fashionable, and can make a sad person smile at any moment. And, oh yeah, his hugs are amazing. One time, he gave me a scarf. Later, Toby called it my “Tim Burton” scarf. And who doesn’t love Tim Burton? And who doesn’t like to get something which ensues warmth?

Donald is the best person I have met in my most recent years.

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