A Moving Story.

We’re almost done opening every box from our recent move. I think we have about 5 left. Last time we moved across the country, we ended up with some broken pottery. Which is such a bummer considering we hand threw it all. These things happen, though.

This time, it seems we’re coming out breakage-free. And I’m quite pleased by this. None of my records were broken. Nor was our pottery. We didn’t lose the TV or the stereo equipment. And Toby’s scooter miraculously survived unscratched and dented. But it hasn’t been entirely breakage-free.

On Sunday, I was emptying a box. I was down to the very last item. As it became time to cut the tape and fold the box, I found something peculiar where the flaps come together.

It seems that a small person, no bigger than a mouse, perhaps even a Who, climbed into our box and had somewhere along the bumpy road had broken their eyeglasses. And I knew just the bobble head fool who did so.

It seems that Raphie actually DID shoot his eye out on the way across the country. Because he used to look like this:

We’re bringing a lawsuit against Door to Door and Citi to Citi moving for this tragic event. It’s a good thing they didn’t break our leglamp, because that would have been a little too creepy. Next thing you know the Grinch will actually steal Christmas by not blessing me with a tree this year, dammit.


  1. I was really hoping that your retainer would magically show up in Brooklyn.


  2. The thought crossed my mind as well, Donald Eugene. And I still have not given up hope. Wouldn’t that be something else? Indeed. I still think James is wearing it in remembrance.


  3. You’ll shoot your retainer out!


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