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I finally downloaded two months worth of images from one of my cards. Below, are the images taken while we were driving from San Francisco to New York City. I didn’t go all out (like I did the last time.)

(Caption, if any, below each image.)

(Click on image to enlarge.)

This is Tucker. He planned our drive. Yay tucker. (God, do I miss him. I want my kitties so badly. It’s funny how much emptier an empty house can be without kittens.)

I hadn’t ever seen these before. And then there they were in Southern California. And wouldn’t you know, when we hit outside Pittsburgh (days later) we saw a few more along route 80.

This is about an hour away from the Arizona border.

Day two: The Grand Canyon. We drove a few hours out of our way to see her. You’ll probably figure out if I thought it was worth it by the number of pictures I took. Holy crap.

(Panoramic to come.)

The drive back to Flagstaff from the Grand Canyon was pretty spectacular as well. This peak is the tallest point in Arizona.


Imagine living there. Yeesh.

Here we are again on our way. I think we’re in New Mexico now.

New Mexico is freaking gorgeous.

And a little schizophrenic.

Big sky, for sure.

Cliffs. Rocks. Whatever. :]

Some more of New Mexico’s weirdness. Love it.

Albuquerque at night.

Day three: We’re east of Albuquerque. I guess this is called the high plaines. It was really incredible and if it weren’t so cold and we were so hungry, I would have stopped to take a better picture. Sadly, this was all I got. (Toby may have better.) Anyway, we were covered in fog for most of it and there was snow and ice covering these crazy little bushes. So cool.

And here were are in Texas at a Stuckey’s I have a half-finished story about our visit here. Woah. I’ll have that up in time. Northern Texas was flat. The flattest place I’d ever been.

Same place. Watch out, yo. But if they’re coming for you, even if they are about a 1/4 of an inch off the ground, you’ll see them from about 3 miles away.

For some reason I stopped taking pictures after this. I have no idea why. Anyway, we drove on into Tulsa and then Indianapolis. Eventually, we made it to State College where we stayed for a night or two and then headed on to our final destination: New York City.

This was my attempt at being funny and trying to take a picture of me with the guy from TV on the Radio. You see, I could see him in the reflection. I could also see me in the reflection but apparently my camera didn’t want to see either one of us in the reflection. But I posted it anyway because we’re in a hipster mall desperately in search of free internet access. Yes.

This was a second try. Again, failure.

And that is all.


  1. Awesome pictures. I love the self-portrait one. We miss you guys….


  2. That no trespassing sign rules. If I were 19 I’d steal it and hang it in my dorm room.


  3. Mihow & TobyJoe: Tour 2005! You should get some shirts made!

    Awesome photos. That Grand Canyon is something else, huh? Glad you finally got to see it!


  4. For sure. Amazing to see. Now I want to see Crater Lake. :]


  5. I don’t know why, but those windmills scare the hell out of me. It’s a weird fear, I know.


  6. In my head they make a really scary sound.


  7. Ah, home of the famous comments person Mihow. Nice photos.


  8. I’m with meshbetty…the self portrait is great!


  9. I’m not so sure. You should have seen the edited ones Oh lordy lordy lordy. Just imagine how a gal can look after two days of driving with 3 cats. :] I was not pretty. (Not that I usually am. Duh.)


  10. Loved the self-portrait and INHALED the New Mexico shots-– I adore adore adore New Mexico– it is pure magic. Glad you are settling into NYC okay—what a cool place to be right before the holidays!


  11. Admittedly, I’ve seen more flattering pictures of both of you, but I like that one ‘cause it’s very real. (That almost sounds bad, but I mean it as a good thing.)


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