Updates on Random

I have to run to B & H today because I seem to have misplaced/lost my digital camera cord. It’s a shame, too. Because I have all these images burning a hole in my camera. Later, I should have mihow.com’s eyes back.

Speaking of little people, we watched Bad(der) Santa on Toby’s computer last night. I laughed. I have to admit, I laughed.

Today, I’d like to pick out our Christams tree. We may not have any furniture, but I need my yearly cheer.

Also, I am seeking full-time employment. Thank you.

That is all.


  1. You should just get a card reader—they’re like $20, and read the images WAAAY faster than plugging in the camera


  2. Not to sound ignorant, but how does this work? I’ll totally do that. Can I use it with any computer? Are they really that cheap? I had no idea. :]


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