What if I drop my pants?

I am wary of this invention called a clothesline. While I am using this clothesline in order to dry our clothes (after dumping liquid fabric softener into the rinse cycle, something I haven’t ever done before.) I just don’t buy the fact that they won’t fall every time the wind blows. Which basically has me standing at our window watching them all sway and dry. And the pillowcases are blowing in the wind like those windsocks you see at the beach. I fear the clothesline. I really do. But I’m also sort of attracted to it. It’s like a dangerous boy.

We’re on the third floor. This could make for an interesting way to meet our neighbors.

Excuse me, polite polish woman, but I fear I have dropped my pants in your backyard.

(Yes, I will take photographs.)


  1. just be careful of blue fabric softener, particularly on whites. it needs to mix with the water well or it can stain. you are a very lucky girl with a washing machine : )


  2. I gotta tell ya, this clothesline thing still has me giggling. Our socks are out there now. They look so damn funny! Like something out of whoville. I love it.


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