Brooklyn apartment hunting.

Toby and I arrived in New York on Sunday evening. We stayed in State College for a few more days to unwind and relax a bit. Toby starts his job on Wednesday.

Yesterday, we spent the better part of the day running from one Brooklyn area to another Brooklyn looking at apartments. There were two times we had to hop on a train, go into Manhattan, hop onto another train and then go back into Brooklyn. For example, we saw a place in Cobble Hill and had to be somewhere in Bed Stuy an hour after that. Now, if said apartment had actually been in Cobble Hill like the ad said, this wouldn’t have been so hard. But it wasn’t really in Cobble Hill. It was closer to Red Hook. So our trains were limited. Basically, we had to go back into Manhattan in order to get to the JMZ. We went under the river on the F and then back over the river on the M. It was a busy day indeed.

With all that running around, you would have thought we’d have seen more than two apartments. Actually, we were scheduled to see three, but when we got off the train for the one in East Park Slope (East side of the park) we were quickly turned off by the fact that you basically exit the Subway through a liquor store. And not just any liquor store, but one where you received your daily meal through bullet-proof glass—an excellent way to welcome visitors. But we were still interested in seeing the place, up until we actually saw the building.

It’s 116 Ocean Avenue. We’re heading the wrong way.

Oh. Ok. So it’s in the direction of where the cops have that guy pulled over and they’re using a flashlight to alluminate the inside of his car?


Oh. It’s 116? So it’s that place with the trash and the mattress out front?

It looks that way.

I don’t think so. Let’s just go eat.

We didn’t even look at that place. Even though the pictures show on Craigslist were incredible. I could not imagine living in another Dorchester House. I can’t live with that many people and therefore, roaches. Not ever again.

We did see a pretty great loft. But it’s in Bed Stuy and it’s not surrounded by the nicest “stuff”. Pawn shops, dollar stores, liquor stores, you know the type of area. We’ll see. That one is still one we’re interested in. But I think we’re still sold on Park Slope and/or Greenpoint.

Today, we have appointments with folks in Greenpoint and off the Grand street stop on the L Train in Brooklyn. I have a better feeling about today’s apartments then I did about yesterday’s.

And I’m sure I’ll keep you posted. From now on, I’m bringing a camera, too. Some of these places, after reading the ad, become downright amusing.

1900 for a two bedroom in Cobble Hill? And it has a fireplace and a backyard? Awesome! It’s above the amount we originally wanted to pay, but we’ll check it out.

The apartment ended up being filthy. And though we were warned about its filth ahead of time, it was still too filthy to overcome. Plus, the kitchen was horrible. And the “second” bedroom was more like a walk-in closet. And it was so not in Cobble Hill. While we’d hop on it for 1400, 1900 is laughable. From now on I’ll carry a camera to prove it all as true.

It’s 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning. At this point, I’m tempted to pay 2400 for one room on Christopher Street so I can spend my free time stalking Amy Sedaris.

Who couldn’t love a face like that?


  1. I think we’d make a cute couple. Don’t you? I mean, I am married and all, but Toby likes her as well. Move over Jennifer Jason Leigh, hello there Amy Sedaris.


  2. amen! (and good luck apartment hunting)


  3. I’m sorry, are those dollars you are talking about?? 1900 of them??

    Glad you made it safe and sound to NY and good luck hunting today!


  4. Yeah, insane, isn’t it? But believe it or not, cheaper than what we paid in San Francisco. We did, however, just see a place in Greenpoint that RULED. Cheap as hell and HUGE. We’re desperately trying to nail it. And by “nail”, I mean “score”. And by “score” I mean “have sex with it.”


  5. i thought size didn’t matter.


  6. Hey!
    I talked to my friend, Crissy, who lives in Brooklyn Heights last night. She said that if you guys needed help finding a place she would be more than happy to help you. She just sold and bought a new place but she has tons of contacts with people in the rental business…..
    Let me know and I will send you her info via e-mail. Crissy is the best and she will help you out tons if want.


  7. Meshbetty, yes, that would be superb. Give me her information. Much thanks.

    GotJesus, in this regard, size so does matter. :]


  8. i thought it was all about location.


  9. Amy kinds creeps me out. Gah. ;)


  10. So, welcome back. And good luck in the wilderness that is the real estate market here-at least you lived here before, so you know what you’re getting into. In 2 days my parents are moving back to the city. They got a 2 BR (~750 sqft) in Morningside Heights (about 3 blocks from me-eek!) for $2350/mo. Found it on Craigslist, but a broker also had the listing. Elevator, super in the building (except I seem to be doing all of the fix-it jobs!). No doorman. They face out onto a wide street (south) so lots of light. Good luck!!


  11. $2350? I had an apartment that big once… paid $350/month. [picks jaw off floor]


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