Knee Update

My knee is better. I think. My lovely amazing husband got me a brace. While I wear it during the day, I can’t seem to keep it on while running. I realize that’s sort of dumb. But I can’t seem to get used to it.

I have received numerous email and some really great comments (I do not have jock itch.) about my knee and any itching or rashes that might develop and what to do with them should they develop. (I do not have jock itch.) And I thank each and every one of you for the information. (Have you looked for images of Jock Itch on google images? It is not a pleasant sight! Not pleasant at all. Up until Missy accused me of having such, I hadn’t ever really seen it before. Not pretty, folks.)

I am hoping that once my legs become stronger, this knee thing will subside. So I will work on using the elliptical walker a bit more and maybe the bike, too. Even tho it makes my toes go numb.

Thanks again for all the comments and email. Please feel free to tell me more. (Oh, and John, when is my first training session?)

(I do not have jock itch.)


  1. My toes used to go numb, too, when I regularly used the elliptical trainer thingy. I tried Googling this phenomenon, and it sounds pretty common, probably the result of pressing too much weight with the forefoot instead of the heels.


  2. You would have thunk that they would have figured out why and fixed it. It happens to Toby as well. Very odd. My toes are often numb because I have very poor circulation. So I used to ignore it. Now, it seems it’s a common thing. Hmmmmm I wonder why it happens.


  3. Re: Your comment page from the other day: Opie and Anthony in New York used to call it the “balloon knot.”

    You know what I’m talking about.


  4. I have jock itch. Seeing as you were able to cure yours, I’d appreciate any suggestions you might offer.


  5. *looks up balloon knot
    *ignores bob


  6. You should get one of those neoprene sleeves for your knee when running

    get one fast, because the terrorists want to take your knee braces away

    the terrorists don’t like your knee braces. they are enemies of your knee brace

    we must fight to defend your knee brace


  7. Hehe.. crabs… hehe. Thanks for bringing that up again.


  8. concerning the toe-numbing phenomenon:
    i think the trick there with an ellicptical trainer is not to think of it as being on this weird smooth/skiing contraption, but try to emulate a walking/running motion. so instead of going with the motion and keeping your feet in one position, push back with the ball of your foot, and then lift ball of your foot (resting on your heel) when going thru the forward motion. you really use the ball of your foot when the angle/hill is high.

    hey girl, whenever you’re in dc, we’ll hook it up. until then, i’ll start creating a program for you :)


  9. oh, and moving your feet like I mentioned above should keep blood flowing to your toes and what not which should minimize the numb feeling. let me know if it helps


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