Rewind via 80.

Tonight, as I was looking at the map trying to figure out how we’re going to get back home again, Tucker decided to lay down on TOP of the northeastern part of our great nation. I hope you all were very warm.

This time, as we cross the Great Divide (what the hell is the Great Divide? It came to my head just now, but I am so not sure what it is.) I think we will take Route 80. I’m a bit worried about taking Route 80 given the time of year and all, but assuming all goes well, we’ll get to NYC sooner then if we took Route 70 and most definitely, Route 40.

To be honest, I would rather take Route 40 because it goes by the Grand Canyon. And I really want to see the Grand Canyon. But given we will have three felines in the van and it’s the Thanksgiving Holiday and all, I’m thinking we should go for the route pro-time instead.

I have a love for maps. I mean, sometimes, I stare at them for hours. I look at small towns in the middle the country and I think, “Who is there right now? I wonder what it looks like.”

So without further ado, here are the major (and not so major) cities we will be passing though along Route 80.

  • Sacramento
  • Reno
  • Salt Lake City
  • Cheyenne
  • Lincoln
  • Omaha
  • Des Moines
  • Davenport
  • Chicago
  • Toledo
  • Cleveland
  • Youngstown
  • State College
  • Wilkes-Barre
  • New York City

(I realize some of these are not “major” cities. But we know people in some of them and we’re thinking we’ll swing on by, drop off our cats, and drink ourselves silly. Yes.)

Route 40 has its charm, too. Even tho, I am pretty sure we won’t go south, I’m having fun and it’s an ER commercial break so what the hell. Major cities along the southern route:

  • Los Angeles
  • Albuquerque
  • Amarillo
  • Oklahmoa City
  • Little Rock
  • Memphis
  • Nashville
  • Knoxville

At Knoxville, we’d get onto route 81. Basically, if you ignore the hundreds of little towns between Knoxville our next “relevant” city, Harrisburg is next. At Harrisburg, we’d head to State College, where we would drop off our fuzzy, fat felines. There, we would stay the night and eat well. We would then leave for New York City.

I realize there are a thousand most wonderful towns between San Francisco and New York City, but given my knack and fondness for freaking out over ridiculous details, it’s best if I look at the BIG BLACK DOTS and the dots where I know people.

As I finish my most pointless post, Tucker has decided to burrow himself beneath the map. That’s pretty cute. Don’t you think? I do. I find our cats to be adorable.

Toby took this as Tucker and I were finishing up.

That is all. Lay it on me. Or below me, whatever.


  1. as long as you’re swinging thru Des Moines, c’mon up thru the Twin Cities!
    (yeah, i guess that’s a little out of the way…)

    you guys should make tour t-shirts!


  2. I was so hoping that you would be driving back through Columbus! If you change your minds, we’ve got room for you and the cats.


  3. if it matters, MEMPHIS rules!


  4. How about Tucker in Memphis!


  5. Clearly, I should not type on my blog after drinking a bottle of wine. Holy crap! “fat” was spelled “aft” and “Rewind” was spelled “Rewing”. I should be fired.


  6. Toledo is 1 hour south of Detroit. Too much of a detour? We can always meet there (although I have problems crossing the border since Ohio went the way of the red ststes).


  7. Gina, I was thinking about that last night. I would really like to see you. And by that point, we’ll be 10 short hours from NYC and only 5 from State College. So I say we would like to see you very much. Plus, it’ll be sort of nice considering we got married there (sort of). Let’s discuss this. We should talk via the telephone (finally) sometime this weekend. What do you say?


  8. the great divide is the watershed of the country. all rain falling to the east goes atlantic, all rain west to the pacific. i pee’d on it once…


  9. no way! that’s pretty cool. Where did you pee, sir? Where were you at the time?


  10. Can you make a quick detour to 19th street before you leave? It is not really that much out of the way is it?


  11. haha! of course! If you want, you can come along. :]


  12. i was hiking colorado. near St. Andrew’s glacier (which i later slid down and almost fell into a poll of jsut barely not frozen water)


  13. That would be tempting. I am not sure if your whole clan of kitties would be very accepting of our kitties though….
    Mike and Tobyjoe would be immersed in techno-nerd speak and then Belly could amuse us all…..


  14. Seriously. If you guys need a place to stay in Chicago, my place is open, cozy, and comfy. If you’re pushing through, please do stop for at least lunch or dinner, yo. My treat. :)


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  16. The person above me is a clown. You should stop past IU-B on your way home and personally knock his/her face loose.

    Also, stop through Youngstown, my birthplace, as well as the birthplace of our 25th president, William McKinley.


  17. “Empirical blah blah blah…”
    :: using snooty professor voice ::


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