Kate's Party

Tomorrow, Toby and I are heading to Berkeley for an election party/BBQ. Kate is the host. Kate is from Washington, D.C. I used to work with her at Supon. She recently moved out here to go back to grad school studying architecture. Kate throws the best parties. I remember one time in D.C. during the olympics, we put on our own version in her back yard. Missy did some crazy back flip/round off/forward handspring type of thing. It was insane.

This is what her invitation (featured above) read:

Bring friends, something to drink and/or grill and we’ll provide the Cape Cods (vodka+cranberry) and the Heinz ketchup.

Should be fun. As long as we can watch John Stewart the entire time.


  1. There were a couple of people with signs walking around the US embassy here that read “Don’t vote Bush”.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell them that they were in the wrong country.


  2. Now that would be funny.


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