Here are a few of the photographs I took while I was working in D.C. Some of them won’t make a bit of sense. And if I have the time, I’ll write a caption for each one.

Click on the images to enlarge. (Captions, if any, are below each image.)

The sunset over Northeast Washington D.C. Taken in front of the Giant. Soon, that lot might hold another Walmart. I hate Walmart.

This is Jeff. We visited Mike’s farm for a day of fun in the sun. It ended up being very educational. Tho, we are still not sure what this gourd is.

Inside the greenhouse.

The biggest spider ever.

This is a mudhouse. A house made up entirely of mud. The man who built it used dynamite to blast a hole to get to the mud (mike, please correct me, I know I’m probably all wrong). Where the hole was, there is now a pond.

My attempt at a close-up.

This is Sky. This is one of Soung’s dogs.

And this is Gambee.

Here is Toby at Bedrock. He visited for a week.

This is Michael. I’ll let you wonder.


Matt at Bedrock.

Matt and Donald Eugene.

We drove to NYC for the night. Here are Mike and Rachel at the Ace Bar.

Evan and his gal, Amy.


Rachel and Mike. Toby’s arm.

TobyJoe at Kate’s Joint.

Back in D.C. Pumpkin carving. David and Soung.


Myself. I have no clue what I’m doing here.

David carving away.

The guts.

David again. He wouldn’t let us see it till it was complete.

Just take a guess at which one I created. Sweet Jesus, I am the WORST pumpkin carver ever.

Soung and David laughing at the finished product.

David and Soung.

Our pumpkins again.

After three bottles of wine, we decided it would be a great idea to dress up the dog. She has a sweater, a leopard skin something or another, and a raincoat.

Here is Willa laughing at Gambee for wearing clothing. You just know she’s taunting her, doggie style.

Soung’s niece and nephew made these for her and David. Red lost a leg.

Here is Tucker.

And Schmitty and Toby and a top of Pookum

Tucker again.


  1. Holy crap – your pumpkin made me laugh out loud at work. I didn’t realize that pumpkins could be “special.” ;)

    I tease, because I love.


  2. Oh yes, indeed. Toby said “It looks like you punched three holes through it.”


  3. The Return Of Pimpkin!


  4. I love Gambee! I would dress him up too!

    That other dog’s just jealous.

    It is Gambee like PeeWee’s playhouse? Mekka lekka hi mekka hidey ho?

    Long live Gambee.

    i hope so.


  5. I was just noticing the staggering number of tattoos in these photos. Love it. Men with sleeves=hot stuff.


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