The Ace Bar…

…has wireless. Can you believe that? In three years, not much here has changed. But it does have wireless. I am using that now.

Toby and I are currently sitting in a booth at the bar in which we met three years ago tomorrow. We drove into the city today from DC. The leaves along the Jersey Turnpike are just beginning to change. There are more Cinnabons at roadstops. I’m starting to think that the cost of tolls are about the price of a train ticket. These things have changed. As well as the Ace Bar having wireless.

The Ace Bar has wireless. And NYC feels good, sort of like a scarf or like eating mashed potatoes. If I could figure out a way to send wireless mashed potatoes, you’d all feel a bit sleepy.

I’ll end by saying, that if you’re in NYC and you’re reading this because you too might have wireless, it’d be nice if you sent yourself here. And if for some reason on a Sunday in October, you feel like moving, stop on by. We’ll be here for hours. On wireless.

After all, it’s only 4:35 out west.

Tomorrow, I will write the story about how it is we met. But it’s too long to get into right now. Even though the Ace Bar has wireless and I’m writing from the booth which was once covered in cupcakes celebrating a birthday and the departure of Toby.

And that was long before the Ace Bar had wireless. But there were more cupcakes.

Toby just looked at me and said, “I wish Chandler was here, man.”

Chandler too has wireless.

I really should have made cupcakes.


  1. Hey—sorry I didn’t get back to you. I didn’t get home until around 1 pm because I totally forgot what day it was probably because I had woken up too early. When I got home & heard your message, I figured you’d already left.


  2. i thought you guys would be amused to know that i just fell asleep at my desk for a few minutes.
    not only does ace bar have wireless, but as it turned out, they had lots of vodka, too.


  3. indeed i do have wireless. and i know the story, and remember the cupcakes. i wish i could have been there too. but you know how it goes, no cupcakes, no chandler.


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