Ever wake up feeling totally inspired? Today, I woke up feeling rejuvenated – it’s a good thing, too. Today is our busiest day yet. Nuts.

I’d like to begin by setting a few things straight, however. Toby and I are not separated. I am here making money. That is all. I miss him dearly. I even miss San Francisco (Crazy, eh?) I do not plan on moving in with Soung or moving back to D.C. Yet. (hehe. Though if work is not found out west soon, then who knows. There is only so much time one can waste feeling like a waste.) I have no brain power these days for figuring much out. I’m still trying to figure out how or why or IF I am going to fly to SF on Saturday. My flight leaves at 6 a.m. out of Dulles. I’d like to celebrate the day with Toby. As the 11th is the day we met. But I can’t imagine being picked up in a Blue Van at 3:30 in the morning. The thought makes me hurt. Speaking of thought, sorting it has become work, whereas work has become instinct. For example, things like eating and sleeping have been necessities I have been forgetting to do. I don’t even know how to return a phone call. And I feel badly about that. For the first time in a long time, I am running out of minutes that make up a day. Before I know it it’s midnight and I’m falling asleep in my pants on a couch surrounded by dogs.

Another think I might clear up, is that I’m not editing this post. I have exactly 10 minutes to post this. Who can reread?

So this morning, I woke up really elated. Music helps. More specifically, happy Garden State and Postal Service music. And brownies. Brownies help, too. Today, at Bates Neimand, is brownie day. Tomorrow, is Cookie Puss day. I like Carvel cakes. The chocolate nugget things in the middle please me greatly.

(Holy crap, where am I going with this post? See what I mean about feeling excitable? Wrap it up, Michele.)

Elation. Today I found that I wanted to hug people. I wanted to dance with the gal applying make-up on the jerky Metro. (Put that pencil down, my dear. You’ll look less absurd doing the Running Man.) I wanted to paint another. I’d choose to sing to an older man. And take pictures of his grandson. I wanted to buy cider for a mean old lady. Pet someone’s shitting dog. I wanted to offer piggy-backs to those who struggle when they walk. I wanted to pinch the puffy pillow-pressed faces of everyone I saw.

People, and me, are so much better in the morning.

And now to meet the rest of this day.


  1. if you move back to dc, we’ll really have to get you to join the crew team.

    it seems a shame not to take advantage of someone who’s that much of a morning person.


  2. ha! I really do enjoy the morning. I think I always have. I suppose I take after my father in that way. :]


  3. here’s a remedy for the 6 AM flight out of Dulles:

    Spend friday night at one of the Dulles hotels. They usually offer a shuttle to the airport. If not, a cab shouldn’t be that much.

    I usually do that when I have a 6am flight out of BWI. Usually ends up being like $70 a night, with no worries on the crazy early morning wake-up.


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