Bedrock, Bush, Booze and Girls Who Like Girl Boobs

Last night, Soung, Toby, Missy, Matt and I headed up to Bedrock to watch “The Game” aka the debate. I wrote a massive commentary about it within the framework of my very own cranium, but have decided to leave the “good political talk” with those who are known for it and/or good at it.

But, holy craptastic, was that one hell of a debate or what? Somehow we found ourselves sitting with a huge group of girls. I group I would call, had I been invited and were I still, what TobyJoe and I call a practicing “Lebo”, “The Dynamic Dyke Debate Club of D.C.” We were surrounded by lesbians. And they’re not regulars to Bedrock Billiards. I am not sure where they came from or why they chose to watch it there. Anyway, what a hoot watching them give the T.V. the finger. What a hoot it was watching strangers yell obscenities at a T.V. screen. What an excellent debate. What excellent lesbians.

In other news, I have been asked to stay for another two weeks. Actually, they begged me to stay. I have decided to do this since the money is so good. Plus, I can fly back next weekend to spend some time with Toby. (It’s our anniversary – our “Day We Met” anniversary, not our wedding anniversary. Incidentally, do folks give up the first one after they get married? I am not sure.) So, yeah. I’m going to stay. I think. Though, I kinda don’t want him to have to fly back alone. Man, I really am terrible at making decisions. I seriously wish everyone would and could just do that for me. Ah well.

Tonight, we head out for a big group dinner. Ideas as to where are welcome (D.C. people, or anyone, but keep in mind we’re a group of picky eaters if you care to make suggestions. There are at least two vegans.)

One more thing, someone tell Toby he should be a stay at home husband, write books, play pool, and make dinner. That way, he can always relax. I’ll take care of him.

Edited to Add: Turned off comments because (cough) someone blew them up. :]

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  1. Aaah… the debate. We watched in the company of a German & a Corsican. They were dumbfounded at how little was said and actually discussed; the repeated mention of family and children; and the final send of of ‘God bless America’ and such. I think they are entirely worried & concerened and I can’t say that I blame them.
    We didn’t stick around to hear all of the post-debate-commentary by blabbermouth political analysts. Any good ones? And regrettably, we missed “The Daily Show” last night which is the only political commentary that I seek out these election days.
    Favorite debate moment: when G.W. smuggly stated that we were attacked by Saddam Hussein (dumbass) and Kerry very calmly called him on it. Touche.


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