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Branson has always been a bit odd. Soon, for the low, low price of $200,000 you may take a trip into space on Virgin. Not sure how I feel about this. Another fun thing for the obscenely rich to rant about.

Today, the District finds out, finally, if the Expos will indeed have a new non-state home. I think this is pretty damn cool. Though, I do worry for Baltimore.

Last night Toby, Soung and I watched Tom Waits’ performance on Letterman. Holy crap, is that guy funny. We were whole-heartedly laughing through most of it. The bit about “cribbing”, Funnee. (Oh, if anyone wants to hook me up with the album ahead of time, that works, too.)

I received several emails pointing out the fact that my caption on the Hope and Vote campaign points out the possibility of my suffering from brain damage. This has become quite the comedic relief for TobyJoe over the past 24 hours. It was also brought to my attention that there are typos. Bates Neimand was not responsible for creating the Web site (only the print campaign, another firm took the look and feel and put it online). This fact makes it look as tho the first half of this post is quite possibly true for all of us. But at least I have emissions from power plants to blame.

I feel sort of out of the internet loop as of late. But our trip east is slowly winding down so I’m sure I’ll be back again, feeling sorry for myself and writing long depressing posts about how much I miss my friends and family. I’m so predictable. I have mixed emotions about leaving here. While I miss my cats and my stuff (specifically clothing, as I didn’t bring much) I am really going to miss being here. We’ve been surrounded by friends (and dogs) since we got here. It’s been really nice.


  1. It won’t be long, honey. Soung will still only be halfway thru that bottle of Maker’s and Matt will still be trying to figure out how to play one pocket.


  2. Look at you & your jet-setting lifestyle! Soon you will be commuting from this stratosphere to that one, one orbit to the next, all in the name of truth, justice, and the american way.


  3. We have politics here in Detroit, too.
    If I find work for you, will you come live here for a few weeks or years or so?


  4. Yes, Gina. I would love that. You have the room to house our asses? Sidenote: I owe you a phone call. I do.


  5. Plenty of room for plenty-o-asses.
    Also, we took in a pregnant stray teenage mom-cat who birthed 2 (and only 2) orange & white creamsicle kittens. Too cute. Come see & adopt! before Mitch gets too attached.


  6. OK… to be fair, if you don’t mind living in a house full of animals then we have plenty of room for more asses.


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