Updates on Random

Let’s see, I’m going to just vomit this out. Here are a few random things I’ve experienced during my stay in D.C. (in no order, because I have little time.)

We rented a wheelchair at work for a photo shoot and had a contest to see who could lap the office the fastest. Scott won but George hit the wall and put a hole in it. I will take pictures of this.

Today, a massage therapist arrives and we all get massages. I am scared. I’m not a person who likes it when strangers touch me. But I signed up anyway.

People like EBAY.

Toby and I have been discussing our future. If you have pointers, please send us an email. We’re trying to figure out where, when, and how. (We’ve only just recently figure out why.)

Stepping away from the internet can and will cheer you up. (There is a HUGE post in this statement, but I lack the time and it’d be too ironic.)

I want to own a house.

I need to call Gerry back.

I miss my kitty cats.

Cathy rules.

Using a wheelchair is hard.

I love my husband. He’s cute. And right now he’s sleeping and I wish I could spoon him.

If you live in D.C. and I haven’t seen you, you need to write me or call me and we must hang out.

This post is lame.

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