Bush Lies Tshirts?

Ok, so over the past several months, I have actually received several requests that I make t shirts featuring:

Thing is, I created it as a joke for TobyJoe one night while we were living in DC and before Bush went all bad ass on the entire middle east. And well, it’s really a bad illustration. So, I need to decide what to do. Do I print it as is (I have talked to someone recently about doing so) or do I pay some awesome illustrator like my amazingly talented wonderful friend, Ben Scanlon to redo it. Hmmmmm? Any suggestions welcome. I’d like to get this done PRONTO!

Cheers. Please. Help.

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  1. Holy shit, his nose and this graphic is huge.


  2. or maybe rhinolingus.


  3. no – leave it the way it is. your style. no need for another talented illustrator here – that’s just what i think..


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