For the longest time, September 11th was known as the 11th day in September. Then, during my freshman year in college, it became Soung’s Birthday. It remained Soung’s birthday for a long time. Then a few years ago, it became 9/11. I’m sure most of the people who read this know what that day was like for me. So I want drone on about it here.

The only thing that still remains true over all the September 11ths I have experienced is that I haven’t really ever known what to say or do. First, it was just another day in September, so I didn’t even take notice of it. Why say anything at all? After meeting Soung, it became her day and all I really wanted to do was figure out a way to make her feel a little bit more special than she had the day before. And now, coming up with something to say or do is even harder.

So I’ll say nothing because I have nothing special or new to say. But I didn’t feel right about saying absolutely nothing because that would just make it another day in September. And it’s so not that anymore. It’s very different now. But it’s still good.

So, Hello. To all and any of you who might be reading this, Hello. Hello from me to you today. Let’s all just say hello.

Hello. Say Hello

(Jon Prine: Hello in there. 5.11 mgs)


  1. Today is Dave’s birthday, too. Happy Birthday, Dave! Not sure why he won’t leave comments. Freak.


  2. because im a weird lerker. :


  3. Hello. Back to 9/11, dead friends weeping now. xo


  4. I was in Canada all day yesterday for a rugby match, so this is a little late. Hello.


  5. it’s never too late to say hello, gotjesus!


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